Glass Whiteboard Accessories

Rare Earth Magnets

4 Pack – 

Introducing our new rare earth magnets for use on Magnetic Boards. Attractive stainless steel ‘chess piece’ design, they are stylish and super strong. One rare earth magnets hold 10 sheets of A4 paper. (Due to the extremely powerful nature of the rare earth magnets, care must be taken when handling them. Safety sheet provided.)

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Liquid Chalk Whiteboard Markers

4 Pack or 8 Pack of Assorted Colours – 5mm chisel tip

We offer a range of Liquid Chalk Whiteboard Markers in sharp, vibrant colours that will really make a splash on your Glass Whiteboard. The 5mm chisel tip markers are sold in a 4 pack or 8 pack of assorted colours. They glide on the surface of the Glass Whiteboards and erase with ease. The bright and fluorescent shades really ‘pop’ on the whiteboards, whether you have white, black or a coloured board.

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3mm Bullet Tip White Markers

These fine tip white markers are perfect where detailed writing or diagrams are required. Very effective on black Glass Whiteboards and on the Magnetic Notice Boards. The white markers are sold separately but one is included, along with a pen clip, with each purchase of the Magnetic Notice Board.

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5mm Chisel Tip White Markers

Water based and easy to wipe off, these white markers contrast brilliantly on the black or coloured Glass Whiteboards.

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5mm Chisel Tip White Markers


Whiteboard Erasers

Made with a corduroy surface our Whiteboard Erasers clean the non-porous surface of the Glass Whiteboards effortlessly. At 105mm x 45mm they are compact and functional, and fit neatly on our Glass Pen Shelves.

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Eraser with IN2W logo

Fixings for Glass Whiteboards

Made from satin or polished chrome, our simple and stylish fixings complement the Glass Whiteboards’ modern and sleek appearance.

Choose between the Standoff Fixing and the Direct Fixing:

Standoff Fixing

When using the Standoff Fixing the Glass Whiteboard does not sit flush against the wall, but is projected 25mm from the wall with the body of the Standoff. The Standoff Fixing is satin chrome with an 18mm diameter head. Each sold separately.

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standoff fixings

Direct Fixing

The Direct Fixing, as the name implies, bolts the glass whiteboard directly to the wall. Finished in polished chrome, the head is 15mm in diameter.

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Direct Fixings


Glass Pen Shelves

We supply Glass Pen Shelves in 2 sizes, to hold your whiteboard markers and eraser. Mounted to the wall using two satin finished chrome mounts, their simple, elegant design match the Glass Whiteboards beautifully.

  1. 600mm x 80mm x 6mm Glass Pen Shelf with 2 Fixings
  1. 900mm x 80mm x 6mm Glass Pen Shelf with 2 Fixings

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