Standard Range

900 x 600


One of the most popular in the range, the compact size of this small Whiteboard lends itself perfectly to smaller areas. It can be used in small businesses, home offices or as a noticeboard in the kitchen or kids’ play room at home. It is fixed to the wall with 4 Fixings. You can choose between Standoff and Direct Fixings.

1200 x 900


This larger Glass Whiteboard is commonly used in a variety of applications. Ideal for offices and classrooms, it can also be used as attractive menu boards for cafes and restaurants. This size is also installed using 4 Fixings, either the Standoff or Direct Fixing.

1500 x 900


The 1500 x 900 Glass Whiteboard is mounted by 6 fixing points. Its sleek design makes it perfect for use in reception areas, breakout areas and boardrooms. Choose between the Standoff Fixing or Direct Fixing.

1800 x 900


One of the larger sizes, the 1800 x 900 offers great versatility. Like all the range it can be mounted with attractive Standoff or Direct fixings. This size Glass Whiteboard has 6 fixing points.

1400 x 1200

1400x1200 desktop

We recently introduced a new ‘1200 Range’ and this is the smallest of the ‘1200s’. Mounted with 6 fixtures, this medium sized board is equally suited to the home or small office. Like all our glass boards it is available Australia wide .

1600 x 1200

1400x1200 desktop

Another of our new ‘1200s’, this glass whiteboard will make a splash in your office, boardroom or school. Choose from 6 direct or standoff fixings to mount the whiteboard. For your convenience we have an installation service available in the Melbourne area.

2000 x 1200


The popularity of our 2400 x 1200mm whiteboard moved us to introduce another large glass board to the range. Make a style statement with this beautiful whiteboard in your office, classroom or restaurant.

2400 x 1200

The largest in the range, this glass whiteboard accommodates the most expansive of areas, and provides a focal point for large office spaces. 8 Fixings points are required to mount this size. As with all the sizes, the type of fixing is your choice.

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Standoff Fixings:

The Glass Whiteboard is projected from the wall about 25mm by the body of the Standoff.

Direct Fixings:

The Glass Whiteboard is mounted directly to the wall with this style of Fixing.


Please note that the larger size glass whiteboards can be difficult to manoeuvre in stairwells, round corners and through small doorways. Ensure that you measure access areas before purchase. In 2 Whiteboards Pty Ltd cannot be held responsible if the glass whiteboard you purchase is not the appropriate size for access to your building.
Due to the highly reflective nature of the black coloured Glass Whiteboards, slight scratches may be visible when hanging the black Glass Whiteboards in brightly lit or day lit areas. This can be caused due to the painting process and is unavoidable. We will endeavour to minimise scratched products going to the customer.
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